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How to receive hosting on our server (up to 5 Mb free):

If you think you have something interesting to share.

Our server will grant you a little webspace with the address like This page will hit in our partners list.
What you have to do to receive its further promotion? For that purpose participate in enlightening the modern extreme music life more actively - become our newsmaker - and each posted news entry with your signature/reference will plunge the reading audience into temptation to visit a corresponding page of such competent and interesting writer (throwing aside their all other business).

How to exchange links with

Place our banner or button on the starting page of your site.

E-mail us at Mention the name of your site, its short description, and URL, attach your small button (88x31) and wait for answer.

If your site's passed through our verification its link will appear on our Chainlinks page and its button will appear on the first MUSICA page.

How to become a newsmaker of

If you want to cooperate with us as a correspondent/newsmaker.

If you think you have something to share.

The application to get abreast, private, apply to In the next future we might reply and explain there how to work with the server news editor and how to get access to a webspace for your page.

Demands and restrictions for any material to public on this site:

  • Absence of non-normative lexica.
  • English of apropriate high level.
  • News should be interesting to all english-speaking audience; they should not be local, should be necessarily connected to the musica of a heavy direction.
  • The material should be original (not duplicating the already existing).
  • The reference to an initial material if news comes not from the first person is mandatory.

Requests to the hosted pages:

You have to place on your page one of the following banners of ours:

You might need a template for a small banner to show within MUSICA. The sample we placed here and .psd file - there.

And our logotype may be found here.

MUSICA reviews:

If you want your music to be reviewed send your audio/video material to:

Vit Belov
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