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Peter (VADER): "I love Russia!"
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In September, VADER will once again come to Russia. Polish death metal classics in their Transsiberian Blitz Tour will travel to the far corners of Russia. Below you can see the list of shows. We contacted the leader of VADER's Peter and asked him about future concerts, the attitude towards our country and coming out in November the new album "The Empire".

Q: You were in Russia in 2015. Since that time you didn't release any albums with new material. Why will you go in our country again? What will you bring to us this time? What's new will we get on your shows?
PETER: That was just 1st part of the whole tour in Russia, which we named "Transsiberian. However we were playing in the West and North of the country and no one show was actually in real Siberia. Now wed like to complete it. There are only few concerts in the cities, where weve played last year like St.Petersburg or Moskwa. The main part is far in the East of big Russia. The final show is in Vladivostok, where we never had a chance to perform before. VADER also recorded new album in the meantime and the Russian tour  will be the first in the world, where we will play new songs alive. The album The Empire will be out in November 4th. via Nuclear Blast. We will also play songs from just released EP. Iron Times. 
Q: You're touring in such places of Russia where not every resident of our capitals was. You attended cities far from political heart of Russia, Don't you fear to travel there? Everybody knows that there are not good hotels, services far from Moscow or St. Petersburg? Or not? What's your most "exotic" adventure in touring across the Russia?
PETER: Each country has good and bad sides and this makes the world interesting ;) I was in Your country with VADER in 1990, when it was part of Soviet Union. Russia changed a lot in those 25 years. I liked the country back then and now I like it even more indeed. VADER always had great time, when we were visiting Your land and we were never really afraid of anything. There were situations , of course, but the whole our lives is filled with situations, isnt it? We create and play music for ALL and and political or other kinda situations are not gonna keep us away.  As far as we have valid visas from Your government and Fans ready for VADER - we are ready to go. We are not men with rock star attitude so we do not need high class hotels or top quality champagne every night ;))) Best Russian vodka and good company is absolutely enough for us. And one more thing -  cities , which are far far away in you huge land gave us sometimes much better conditions (I mean equipment , hotels or food) then those european metropolis like Moskwa or Piter I love Russia!
Q: We have some political troubles among Russia and Poland nowdays (as usual). :) What do you think about politics? Nergal from BEHEMOTH was deported from Russia some years ago? Have you feeled some risk for you as Polish citizen in Russia?
PETER: A risk? I am not coming to Russia with any political reasons. I respect your country and I think , that Poland and Russia should live in good relationship. We all would be more happy with that. Politic is but a dirty game and now we have bad times in the whole world. Nations started to build borders and armies back and I dont know, how is that gonna end If there is too big difference between those , who have way more then they need and those , who got just enough to survive  - it leads to conflict sooner or later. It looks like the World cant value the calm anymore. However, I am still an optimist  though. Behemoth? I think, that Nergal and His band were victims of Their popularity in Poland and all that situation was the answer for all the shit, that politics in Poland did for Russia before. Propaganda but has not much with realities. Everywhere
Q: In 2015 you released album of cover version. Why is it so? Why was not this album released on your current Nuclear Blast?
PETER: Nuclear Blast are not interested in such projects. No tribute nor demo releases. We had time before the new album and opportunity to record something special. Album Future of the Past was originally recorded in 1996 and was our tribute to mostly bands , who inspired us in the past. There were plans to record 2nd part already earlier. I was not but sure, WHAT is that gonna be ;) In very spontaneous decision I choose bands, that  - like VADER -  created Underground in early 90s in our country and other countries behind the iron curtain. Plans were far greater. I wanted to cover bands from Hungary , Czechoslovakia or USSR. We had but not as much time and budget. Besides there were problems with original tapes from that decade too. 
Q: We're waiting forward for your new album "The Empire". "Tibi Et Igni" was awesome. What can we wait on your new album? Will it be in the same vein or we'll have some surprises from VADER?
PETER: It is hard to explain for the composer, how the new album is gonna be like From one side this is one of most intense VADER album ever recorded. From the other hand , it is probably most different as a whole. If You compare songs like Tempest , Iron Reign , Parabellum or Army-Geddon  each of them is so different ;) But all together make 35 minutes of total Metal attack ! and this is VADER ;) We used also some riff types, which we never used before. I am sure, that The Empire will be interesting as for our veterans as for new Fans. We will see.

Transsiberian Blitz Tourdates

09.09.16 RUS - / "Opera"
10.09.16 RUS / "Mayakovsky"
11.09.16 RUS / "Brooklyn"
12.09.16 RUS / "Zvezda"
13.09.16 RUS / "Nirvana Concert Hall"
14.09.16 RUS / "R-club"
15.09.16 RUS / "Era"
16.09.16 RUS / "Rock'n'Roll Pub"
17.09.16 RUS / "Velicano"
18.09.16 RUS / SanRemo Hall



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