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JINJER: We were fooled by some king
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29th of July on Napalm Records Ukrainian band JINJER released a new album King Of Everything. In itself, the emergence of the band from the former Soviet Union on such a major metal label is an event. Music of JINJER is a mixture of modern heavy metal, groove, deathcore with techno death with female clean and harsh vocals. The group has given many concerts in Europe, released up to two albums and gained some status at home and in the world. We contacted the bassist of the band Evgeny Kostyuk, who answered a few questions.

Q: I thought JINJER is a name of female singer of the band. I know now that first singer of the band was not female:) What's JINJER then?

Well, it's just a name. Originally there was no real meaning behind it... you know, when parents name a child John they don't usually put anything in it, just a good name. Though later on fans found some meaning, namely associating it with a distorted guitar sound: "jin-jer-jin-jer".

Q: I've read in your bio and Napalm's press release about your genre orientation. But i'd like to  clarify your music direction. Do you think you play metal? Do you count that groove is metal? How could you describe your music in general? Do you part of metal scene or you play original modern heavy music, not metal?

We hate putting a label on our music. Yes, it is definitely metal, but not only. And we never wanted to stick to one genre. So if you insist on giving a certain tag it is progressive metal mostly. And yes, we are a part of the metal world, and I hope you don't limit metal with old-school long-haired bands.

Q: Have your album "King of everything" conception?

It does have the conception. We as humans were born free and happy. No attachments to religion, state, society... We are free to choose our way, to express our selves, free to act as we want to (unless we harm one's existence). But once we were tricked by some "king", were fooled and enslaved. According to "King of Everything" they are several. Choose yours):
- time (Captain Clock)
- past and other individuals left behind (Just Another)
- censorship (Words of Wisdom)
- ideology (Sit, Stay, Roll Over & Under the Dom)
- money and power (Dip a Sail)
- personality itself (Pisces)
I Speak Astronomy was written as total opposition to those "kings". It is ruled by physical laws which are natural.

Q: How could you sign to Napalm records. What do you think you have to get this contract? What's most inportant for bosses of Napalm Records, you think? Music, image, tour activity, nationality?

We released our video for Sit Stay Roll Over song and two weeks after Thomas, the CEO of Napalm, contacted us and offered the contract. What's the most important? A combination of music, image and activity, definitely not nationality at all. We are all of different nationalities in the band a Russian, a Tatar, a Azerbaijanian and a Belorus, we are all citizens of Ukraine. Does it really matter? We have been coming to this point since we started the band. Signing with Napalm was a result of our activity, struggle and efforts for more than 6 years two albums, several videoclips, hundreds of concerts and thousands of fans around the world.

Q: You're from Gorlovka, Donetzk Region. Everybody knows how terrible is war in your home country. Please tell me about your witness experience. What do you think about it? Who's guilty? What could we do? How's hard to leave your home to resettle to new city? 

Yeah, we witnessed the war. We were leaving Gorlovka in 2014 under shelling and that day separatists shot down a Ukrainian combat air-craft right above the town. Our parents are still there. So we know it inside out. What we think! We thinks it is absolutely ridiculous, complete non-sense.... people kill people for nothing! For what are they fighting? Everybody is guilty there,  both sides, nobody is right. What could we do? There is only one way to solve it stop shooting and start talking.  And I don't mean those big assholes above presidents, ambassadors, I mean those who took weapons and fight... because the bastards in the top are bloodthirsty and they won't stop drinking our blood for a very long time. Wanna know more what we think about this tragedy? just listen to When Two Empires Collide song by JINJER, it's pretty clear.
Of course it was hard to move. But we spend 90% of our time on tours, so it doesn't really matter where we are settled.



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