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Marios Iliopolous (NIGHTRAGE): УDo what your soul tells you to do"
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Q: You've just released new album of NIGHTRAGE "Insidious". Could you tell in general, whatТs new on this CD for NIGHTRAGE? It's already fifth album, could you trace evolution of your band?

Well we were pretty inspired when we composed the songs for this new album, and we had a long time that we had the songs written down, until we get to the studio and record them. This album itТs like a more mature step for us as songwriters and contains all the elements that made us what we are today. We took all the best ingredients from our past albums and tried to make an album full of energy and inspiring melodies.

Q: What's your new album about lyrically? Who was the main author of the lyrics?

I and Antony writing all lyrics together and we have the same mind on the themes that we are exploring, this time again we are talking about the dark side of the human beings. We are exploring inner thoughts on how people treat each other. It's really interesting and amazing to see what people do to one another every day. We are still trying to understand why such behavior exists and we try to give some of our real life stories in these lyrics. Of course, we continue this in a poetic style as to not be so obvious. These types of human actions can really damage a personТs soul. Are we only capable of doing such things? Or can we become better? Of course, there is the hope that people can change! Sometimes we are given examples of real life, and this is what we are dealing with in the lyrics of this album. We are trying to show how we have felt in certain times, when bad vibes were against us. We would like to deal with this lyrically and also personally. Sometimes you trust people and they let you down. This can be the worst feeling of all. Life goes on and you have to approach everything bad that's happened head on and with a light heart. Don't let the hate turn your soul black. Don't let insidious acts damage your inner self. It's the delirium of the fallen hearts that go down, and then find the strength to get up again. They always find the light at the end of the tunnel.

Q: I'd like to tell about melodic death-metal. I think your band is one of the latest "worshippers" of Swedish melodic death-metal sound and you could tell about this theme professionally. Does melodeath need modern sound or not? Here is in Russia fans like old IN FLAMES and DARK TRANQUILLITY very much. How's In Greece nowadays?

We like good music with a taste and thatТs what we are trying to do with Nightrage. Writing good songs that we love and want to share with our fans. We are not standing there worshipping anybody, we have our own sound and from that point we want to be the best band we can. We draw influences from different styles in metal and we want to make good and original music, sometimes put a lot of names behind that really kill creativity.

Q: What do you think about metal core? Is there opposition among metal core and old vein melodic death? Is Metal core melodic death with clean voices?

I never like it to be honest, for me that was just a retarded trend from USA bands that wanted to sound like At the gates. They loosing the meaning and thatТs why itТs dead now, because there is already out there another trend and people want to jump on the bandwagon.

Q: What will perspectives of Gothenburg melodic death-metal sound in the future? Will NIGHTRAGE be one last band in this style after 10 years?

We will always play the music we love to play and will not care about any trend, people talking about evolution but for me what matters is what your soul tells you to do, and what make u feel inspired to play metal. We love to do that and if one day we stop having good ideas we will stop then.

Q: NIGHTRAGE is a band with slightly unstable line-up. Why is it so? Is NIGHTRAGE real band with tours, constant rehearsals?

As you can see now we are not anymore, we have a stable line up on the latest albums, well itТs not easy to find your soul band mates, for me was a difficult task because sometimes I was around the wrong people. And it always takes time to find the right and passionate people to play with, I feel I have found them with the guys that are in the band now.

Q: You have many guest musicians on every album. Why is it so? Tell us about new album's guests.

We are really great friends with all these guys. ThatТs basically the reason. Some of these songs were calling for their specific talents. It was an amazing experience to work with professionals such as these, and spend the quality time with friends.

Q: Tell some words about EXHUMATION. Yeah, we know this band. One writer in our web-zine was huge fan of Greek bands on Holy Records 10 years ago. Please, tell us some stories from your past.

Yeah thatТs my previous band, its where all have begun for me in metal, we have released 3 albums all of them recorded and produced in Sweden, and IТm very proud of those albums, because without Exhumation there will be no Nightrage.

Q: I see you spend much time on Facebook. What do you think about Internet? Does it kill music?

I think itТs the right tool for a band to promote its own music and if u know how to work with this, it can help u gain a lot of new people that they didnТt know your band.

Q: Tell something to Russian fans. Final funny words

We would love to play in Russia anytime soon, hope they like our new album Insidious and thanx a lot for the interest in the band.



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