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LORD BELIAL: "We have been playing at so many really bad places around Europe"
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1. Hi Micke, tell me something about LORD BELIAL to the people out there that didnґt knew to much about your band - your new album is coming out soon?

* Hello Genia! Lord Belial is a band from Sweden and we play mid tempo black/death metal with lots of melodies. We will release our 6th album "Nocturnal Beast" on Regain Records the 21st of November 2005.

2. How did you come up to LORD BELIAL as the bandname? Can you tell us something about your current Line-Up, I see youґre two brothers playing together in the same band?

* We wanted to call the band just BELIAL but as there was another band already with this name we added LORD in front of it. The line up is Thomas Backelin -vocals & guitars, Hjalmar Nielsen -lead guitars, Anders Backelin -bass, Micke Backelin -drums. Me and Thomas are brothers and Anders is our cousin.

3. Are you into okkultism or satanism? What do you think about this and other religions?

* Nope, we are not a religious band at all even though we can feel some connections to Satanism. But I don't call myself a Satanist.

4. Can you tell me something about your lyrics, where do you find your Inspiration? How about the Purify Sweden Song? Is that your opinion towards Swedish politics?

* Thomas is the author of all lyrics nowadays. In the beginning I and Pepa wrote some lyrics as well but Thomas writes so much better lyrics so that's his responsibility now :) The lyrics to "Purify Sweden" have nothing at all
to do with politics. Lord Belial doesn't deal with politics at all, never has and never will.

5.Are there some influences in your music?

* Sure! I guess we get influenced by all music we ever listen to, not just a few bands.

6.Youґll have a new studio album coming soon - what can we expect?

* Yes it will be released November 21st. There is two complete songs for download at our website ( and we have got really good response from people about those two songs. The album is about 43 minutes (11 songs including intro and outro).

7.The band exists quite a long time now  - how comes we can see you live on stage so few times? How do you think abot the Party San festival this year?

* We play as often as we can. Party.San is absolutely the best arranged festival I have ever been at! Even
though we got some problems with the bass drum microphones at the gig it was a pleasure being a part of the 2005 festival!

8.With which band did you like touring most? Did you ever play gigs with bands you couldn't stand?

* Actually we have not toured with any band we couldn't stand (yet) but of course we have met a few bands out on the road which we just couldn't stand. we really hate the rock star attitude that some bands got.. I will not mention any band names since I don't like to comment people/bands behind their backs.

9.Will we see you Guys in Germany some more time?

*Absolutely! But we don't have any gigs booked for now. Hopefully we will go for some smaller tours to support the release of Nocturnal Beast.

10. Where was the best/worsest show, country?

* One of the best gigs was at a small gig in Uddevalla, Sweden a few years ago. Also at Club Gibus in Paris, France at the European Tour with Dismember and Disfear in 1997 was really good. We have been playing at so many really bad places around Europe so I don't really know if there is just one place to call the worst. One of the worst stages was in Italy (in 2002 I think). the stage was like 5 cm high, no microphones, no cables.nothing. the "backstage" was at a table, 1 meter in front of the stage.etc

11. What do you think about the European Metal Scene at the moment? How do you think about metal scene in Sweden? Is there anything special about it?

*I don't really know, I was more into it some time ago when I run the webzine "Extreme Terror Zine" but now I don't.

12. Are there some future plans for LORD BELIAL?

*As I mentioned above, we really hope to be able to do some tours in support for the new album. We are building ourselves a small recording studio so we will soon start to write some new material for the future releases..

The last words are yours!!

*Download the new songs and drop a line in the guestbook at



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