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Liv Kristine: "Two diiferent people sung on "Vinland Saga".
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Already second Ђsoloї album of  ex-THEATRE OF TRAGEDY singer Liv Kristine was released this year. Her ex-collegues are only beginning to record first Уpost-LivФ album, but Mr. and Mrs. Krull are hitting the charts with УVinland SagaФ.

Q: Tell us about "Vinland Saga". I've heard it's some kind of 'viking-story'. Is it full conceptional album? Or just some songs tell about it?

The concept of the album is based on Leif EirikssonТs journey to America, as he discovered the continent 500 years before Colombus. Our main character is УTyrkir the GermanФ as he was called Ц the favourite companion of Eiriksson, and his young wife (a fictional character) waiting for him to return after the dangerous journey. It's an interesting historical concept with a lot of nature, Norway, Vikings, strong emotions and one beautiful woman! This is music for your ears, as well as for your hearts, souls and minds!
Q: I think "Vinland Saga" is differ from debut LEAVES' EYES album. What do you think about it? What differs can you express?

"Vinland Saga" is a bit more complex because it has a broader and bigger sound. We decided to replace all the strings by natural ones thus the production lasted a bit longer than in connection with the debut. Also the vocals are more variated and the music has a lot of natureТs power in it. However, I'm 100% satisfied with the way both albums turned out. I see "Vinland Saga" as a natural evolution of our debut "Lovelorn".
Q: I seem vocal of Liv also became different. It's more mature:) It's like girl sung before and now woman's singing. Am I right? Why is it happen?

Since I was pregnant I discovered that I can use my voice in so many different ways, also in a classical manner. Actually, to be pregnant during the recording sessions was a wonderful feeling! Leon Alexander entered this world only 2 hours after I had recorded the last tone on УLovelornФ. I feel that my voice has become stronger so that I am able to use it in different manners now. I felt like we were two persons singing the tracks! I've also become a much happier person since I became a mother. It's the most wonderful thing that has happened to me!
Q: Please tell me about ATROCITY. What's going on in the band? When can we wait for new masterpiece?

Alexander and the gyus are working on their next album yes... It will be a masterpeace.
Q: Also it's interesting to know LEAVES EYES plans. Will band release new album every year?

I'm not sure if we will keep up the high tempo we kept so far as there will be a lot of touring this year. We will probably wrote new songs when we are on the road.
Q: What do you say, if i tell, what your family is one of influentialest on Europian heavy metal scene nowdays? You have great singers, great musicians, great studio, good contacts in metal community over the Europe...

What a fantastic and wonderful compliment! What you say warms my heart. I'm very grateful! Thank you again Vitaly, also for doing this interview with me.



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