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PARTY-SAN OPEN AIR (11.08. - 14.08.2005): Hell is here !


First of all...This is right !! Hell was here! (But lets hope, when reaching hell, well be able to hear our favourite music with a better sound...)
PARTY SAN Festival takes place at Bad Berka, Dark Hall, near Weimar, located in the fields...With 3000 visitors and cold, gloomy and rainy weather this year. On Wednesday night, already the whole camping area was crowded and it was hard to find a space to squeeze in. The security was immense friendly and we put up tents near stage.

Festival begins at 21:00 inside the party tent with a not so good sound but at least, even if it  rained like last year, we wont get wet...

For a start, the guys from Recapture really arent bad. The tent is well filled and their Death Metal is refined by a female singer with a very impressing attitude on stage. Still, sound isnt optimied yet...

Secrets Of The Moon
The German Black Metal band from Osnabrck was awaited with impatience, but somehow they were not as frightening as expected.

Darkened Nocturn Slaughtercult
Unfortunately, the sound was so bad that it was quite impossible to understand the guitars....  but it blasted, more than the usual average, the show was perfect and the artificial blood was floating, too. The Black Metal these girls play is really extraordinary.

Surprise, surprise - the sound was bad. But the songs seemed to be well played, the crowd was moshing. OBSCENITY played Death Metal, more than one hour and people were seriously enjoying. 

The real Open Air begins here! In the morning, weathers great..sunshine. But it wont last for long.

Cirith Gorgor
Fast  Dutch Black Metal opens the day in front of a few people, but no problem for Nimroths team. They offer us their best Black Metal, with their best show. During their time on stage, the amount of people  increased slowly, before they played songs from the last album Firestorm Apocalypse - Tomorrow Shall Know the Blackest Dawn. But there also were some older songs from Unveiling The Essence. Good concert and good spirit!

Soul Demise
Death Metal  by German band. The perfect execution of the songs secures a high support. Mostly they play songs from the last album Blind and Roman, a really charismatic singer, demonstrates quite well that they are a band familiar with the stage, they arent newbees ( same line-up since about 10 years now...!). With a good performance from the whole band, some aching necks were certainly created here.

NECROPHAGIST, German Brutal Technical Death Metal will play, whos going to pick up the pieces? Most impressive live in concert.  I have never seen so technically, so brutally, and so perfectly played !! A quality of performance not in the slightest way concerned by the imperfect sound. By performing songs from the latest album Epitaph and  also Onset To Rutrefaction Muhammed, the singer and lead guitar, shows us that he now has found the perfect line-up and  he can play at festivals! Indeed Christian Mnzner will perfectly execute his solo, also a good concert for Stefan Fimmers (the bassist), and impressive brutal show from Hannes Grossmann (the drummer). NECROPHAGIST was definetely the best (and real) surprise of the festival, as they were actually making up for KAAMOS, who should have played but had to cancel their gig because of a sad event in their drummers family.

Maurice Swinkelss (vocals) team was approving that Dutch guy can also play Thrash Metal! Indeed after more than 13 years of playing, Richard Ebisch (ex-Inhume) will play a lot of riffs as good as hooker (killer parts)! The typical parts who help your head to fall from your shoulders, only regretting some guitars solos were missing, but the singers show, as funny as terrific, was paying back. People seemed to like this and we were eager to hear more songs.

Good Trash Death, but not comparable at all with their performance on CD. We werent impressed. Besides, it started to rain, obviously not motivating at all.

Sear Bliss
What a good idea: to include real copper in metal ! A lot of people were there to listen to the original Hungarian Melodic Black Metal. In the opinion of  many collegues, Zoltan Pal didnt play enough on his trombone. But they played songs from different albums and often from the last one (1 year old now) Glory And Perdition. The sound was good and the quality of  song performance too.  Although they were looking a bit lost on the big stage,  SEAR BLISS managed to dive the public into a special atmosphere. Pretty impressing.

Lord Belial
A lot of people were waiting for the famous Swedish Black Metal Band, not only because it is quite hard to see them in concert.  And to be honest -  it wasnt really good. A disappointment. They played songs with bad sound, and it was even so bad that when they played Lamia it was hard to recognise it. Were they drunk? The show was really star system (posers) and everything just for an  appearance, it wasnt good ! Even the pyrotechnic effect was failing! Do they really need fireworks to finish ? Lets wait for their new album, just recorded, not released yet...

Brazilian Brutal Death played by some Brazilian guys, a total contrast to Lord Belial (maybe they know what a hard life means?) In any case,  they were pleased to play and they definetely showed this.  To quote : Thank you all, if you were not here, we were not here, too !!! ! Except from the perfect show, they brought us their best songs, of course from the latest album Bloodshed, but also well-known alltime-favourites for example from Conquerors Of Armageddon. They played a very Technical Death Metal (as the Max Kolesnes drum solo), but somehow without real demonstration.

Swedish guys from this Death Metal Band, havent  released new album since 2003,  played a compilation of songs from different albums. People were really in flames for them, even if, in my opinion, they were performing a bit slack. But perhaps this is thestyle of Johan Bergebck (known also as guitarist of Dismember)?

Infecting The Crypts rules !!! Good start.  A lot of old songs from Effigy To The Forgotten and Pierced From Within for the greatest pleasure of the public were given. Also songs from  the last album Souls To Deny were played. Franck Mullen (vocals) running all directions had to say he is happy to play again. And we also were  happy to see them back, and  to hear so good songs always played with the same energy and technic. Moshing crowds. We are looking forward to the next album and to see them on stage. SUFFOCATION were partying whole saturday among the people...Have a look on their website, too, where they thank for support on Party San Festival.

Amon Amarth
Our favourite vikings in ass-kicking mode, playing a full hour of Scandinavian Death Metal, surprisingly featuring long soli and technical parts this time. As headliner of Friday, in the pretty cold evening, AMON AMARTH understood it perfectly to keep up the moshpit as well as to bring a Viking atmosphere onto the ground. One of the very best AMON AMARTH live shows so far...


The sound will be better today, but unfortunately not the weather a bit of rain will fall, but it could have been worse !

Final Breath
The German Death/Trash band began the second festival day with a  real energy storm from the bold-headed frontman Jrgen Aumann (who confessed that 10 vodka were a good deal before the show). More of this energy and the guitar style (full of headbanging riffs and solos)  - the sound was better today and the public could enjoy the band ! They played songs from the one year old album Let Me Be Your Tank.

One of the longest, somehow dismotivated shows, even if we have to admit that the Death Metal played by the Swiss guys wasnt bad, it was still one of the least impressing performances of the festival.

Omnium Gatherum
Well those who saw Omnium Gatherum and were able to remember were not dissappointed.

The Grind Death German band was really playing in pure grind spirit. Danny B. Flipper (guitar and vocals, frontman indeed), managed between some jokes (unfortunately in German) to get the public into the mood  for  headbanging and pogo.  The sound wasnt so good, but is it really a problem for a grind band ? DEAD played an avalanche of songs from different albums, like a compilation (their last album f.e.). It was  - a pleasure to grind with you and always to see a grind band on stage. We are impatient to see them again !

Simply the most impressing Black Metal band of the festival and therefore also the biggest surprise, from Belgium this time. Indeed Lord Sabathan and his people were playing songs from different albums, often from the last release Xes Haereticum. The atmosphere of the gig was  cool, the corpsepaint was perfect, and every song so well performed (like a good compilation) and  - the sound, so good, too. The feeling was like taking part in the last live album Black Goat Ritual: Live In Thy Flesh. The only bitter drop -  they didnt play their best song Evil Church,  but it seems that they might be fed up to perform it (since 10 years now) and  had somehow maybe expected being asked for it, but nothing happened, so ENTHRONED left the stage without.

The Italian combo of Symphonic Black Metal played songs from(N)Utopia, their last release. It somehow looked like people have really enjoyed the music even if the sound of the mythic Stefan Fiori (Abigor) wasnt loud enough, (and his pants open during the whole concert...). But it is not really a problem (maybe excepted for girls), as mens eyes were bound to the beautiful keyboard player : Sabine Mair. Whatever, every GRAVEWORM fan could be satisfied, the show was good.
Dressed in blood, MOONSORROW from Finland were performing an evil and strange live-show, which unfortunately didnt affect those who werent fan before. They who were really enjoyed the performance. The others simply got drunk.

Norwegian Black Metal band composed by famous artist (Frost from Satyricon ) was maybe awaited with too much impatience. Indeed maybe we were expecting too much from this band who only played 30 minutes of cold Black Metal  - and perhaps too cold. The show was looking like a celebrity demonstration, but there was nothing special about it. Songs from their last album Hellfire were  well played and also those from Liberation but not many For those who liked the CD, it might have been a good gig.

Napalm Death
The Grindcore legends. One of their best shows ever. 23 years they play on stage now,  and they never get tired. They came from the UK, blasting with energy, and they will puke it on the stage. Really great and powerful show.  Even although NAPALM DEATH loose their legendary guitarist Jesse Pintado last year, we can say that the band hasnt got any signs of wrinkles. And songs  like Deafening In Silence from the last album The Code Is Red... Long Live The Code, but also mythic songs like  Breed to Breath, were driven with the highest imaginable impact. The security guys were taking lots of efforts to catch all those guys falling from the slam.

ENTOMBED are simply one of the synonyms for Swedish Death and it seemed as if they came up on stage only to remind us about this. They were simply killing, pure agressions, kicking right into stomach, even the most tired banger was picking up his bones down to stage. Best band of the evening.

Cannibal Corpse
Here goes the band who will close the Open Air. The 17 years old Brutal Death Metal band is still censored in Germany... What a pity, as their best songs are in the 3 first albums, for those who cant imagine a Cannibal Corpse show without Hammer Smashed Face, like our collegues from France, for example... Of course they played  titles from last album  The Wretched Spawn (1 year old now), but fortunately they also included old songs as Devoured By Inside from the  Vile album in their setlist. A good show, a really good atmosphere, songs were  perfectly executed and the sound never so good, we nearly felt like in Live Cannibalism (still, best songs missing...). It wasnt a big pogo as could have been expected few people were slamming. A pleasure to see Corpsegrinder on stage, who later walked the camping grounds, completely drunk.


Excrementory Grindfuckers

Those of us who had made it up to the party tent after all to see the German Grindcore band were well entertained by their extremely funny show, unfortunately only in German. They are famous not only for their ironical use of outfit and strange instruments...

We still ask ourselves about  the origin of the name Party-San, but the atmosphere was so fucking great and friendly that it feels like a big family somehow. Never met such a friendly security, always good for a joke. The running gag: Dixi-toilets in which you could peer, but at least there were enough of those, and floating water, too.  The surprisingly low catering prices (2 for a beer, and even different sorts of beer, like black beer or usual, 3 for a half fried chicken), the very well-picked merchandising tents and last but not least weird people...if it could be each week end, we would enjoy each week end. Thanks for a great festival time go to the Party San Team and all complimentary helpers who made being there a real pleasure!!!



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